#3 - Through the Looking Glass by Adam Belt / by Charlie Sutton

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What is it? Who made it?
It's an infinity mirror.  An artwork made of a two-way Mirror, ordinary mirror, wood and LED Lights.  It's part of a series that explores astronomical telescopes (and their mirrors) - such as the Hubble Telescope.

How is it made?
Infinity mirrors are something many of us discovered in a bathroom as children by accident when a small mirror reflected a larger one. We craned our heads to catch a glimpse of the darkening tunnel of repeated images, frustrated by the physics that keep most of you out of view.  Oh that, and it was in most 80s pop videos.

An infinity mirror is fairly simple to make, and it's common to add LED lights to accentuate the tunneling effect.

Instructions from Make Zine

Instructions from Make Zine

Adam Belt has used the same effect in other pieces, such as the Hubble Telescope mirror.

Why did I pin this?
This whole series (including the related series "Down the Rabbit Hole" which explores the theme of particle colliders) is a wonderful blend of conceptual, practical effect and aesthetics.  Belt has achieved real subtly and depth in the work.  Gentle gradients of color, and precise shapes overcome the awkward lighting artifacts of the normal infinity mirror.  


The forms are simple, and feel almost reverential, as if they belong in some future cathedral for quiet mathematicians. Different geometries are revealed as the viewpoint changes - from blended waves of color to hairline shapes - the piece expands and contracts in its' own complexity.

What did I learn?
Simple techniques can yield such subtle results. Inspiring also in the color blends from a pure visual design perspective, as well.

Source: http://adambelt.com